Onboard your clients digitally
in 18 minutes,  don't take days to do it manually

COBA integrates leading KYC/AML functions and delivers the most
cost-effective end-to-end digital client onboarding solution.

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Our expertise and modern technology help emerging managers gain trust and grow

Using the leading purpose-built technology, Veridate’s full-service fund administration solution provides fund accounting, capital call processing and investor statement delivery.

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Families can focus on higher value-added services without allocating resources to operational tasks

Whether you have a small, newly-formed family office or havesupported a complex, multi-generational family for many years,our solution offers true scalability in the management of familywealth.

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Veridate was born out of frustration with manual processes

Our experienced team challenges the complex. We digitise and automate to enhance the user experience and deliver a fully integrated, customised and
cost-effective solution to our clients.

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Financial IT, 2016/17
Veridate selected in the ‘Rising Star’ category 

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South China Morning Post, 2018
Asian fintech leaders to meet in Hong Kong to fight criminal exploitation of regulatory void 

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